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Do We Need Agile Process Frameworks Like Scrum?

The Agile Weekly Crew discuss the need for agile process frameworks.

December 04, 2013


The Trade Offs of Organic vs Prescriptive Agile Coaching

The Agile Weekly Crew discuss trying a different approach of prescriptive agile coaching to get a high performing team.

November 13, 2013


How Praising Effort Incorrectly Negatively Affects Your Culture

The Agile Weekly Crew discuss how blindly praising effort can damage teams. While highlighting the benefits of laziness via automation.

November 06, 2013


Automated Testing, Everything That Can Be Automated, Should Be Automated

The Agile Weekly Crew discuss automated testing and why everything that can be automated, should be automated.

October 23, 2013


Agile Team Standards, Finding the Right Balance for Efficiency vs Innovation

The Agile Weekly Crew discuss agile team standards and the effect they have on efficiency vs innovation.

October 09, 2013


Multiple Commitments and Multitasking in Agile Organizations and Teams

The Agile Weekly Crew discuss the why organizations commit people to multiple projects and why individuals fall for the traps of multitasking in agile.

October 02, 2013


Asking For Help, The Low Cost, High Value Action Your Organization Is Missing

The Agile Weekly Crew discuss the low cost but high value of asking for help.

September 24, 2013


Building Great Products Requires Presence Over Planning

The Agile Weekly crew and Jim McCarthy discuss what it means to be human. That prioritizing presence over planning helps in building great products.

September 18, 2013


How To Deal With People Who Constantly Are To Slowing Things Down

The Agile Weekly Crew discuss how culture affects ability to make decisions. Why people like to slow things down to get comfortable and how to deal with people who want to slow things down.

September 04, 2013


High Performance Teams And Having Fun At Work

The Agile Weekly Crew and David Foster discuss having fun at work and how culture affects it.

August 28, 2013


Building Product Owner Authority

The Agile Weekly Crew discuss treating the product owner as the customer. Whether the product owner is part of the delivery team and the role of the development manager.

August 20, 2013


eXtreme Programming (XP) Is Really Hard To Do

The Agile Weekly Crew discuss eXtreme Programming. How optimizing for efficiency can kill innovation.

August 07, 2013


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