Episodes tagged with “core protocols”

Asking For Help, The Low Cost, High Value Action Your Organization Is Missing

The Agile Weekly Crew discuss the low cost but high value of asking for help.

September 24, 2013


Building Great Products Requires Presence Over Planning

The Agile Weekly crew and Jim McCarthy discuss what it means to be human. That prioritizing presence over planning helps in building great products.

September 18, 2013


How To Deal With People Who Constantly Are To Slowing Things Down

The Agile Weekly Crew discuss how culture affects ability to make decisions. Why people like to slow things down to get comfortable and how to deal with people who want to slow things down.

September 04, 2013


Using The Decider Protocol and Presence To Limit Revisiting Decisions

The Agile Weekly Crew discuss why teams revisit decisions and use of the decider protocol.

May 15, 2013


Team Working Agreements Deep Dive

The Agile Weekly Crew discuss the nuances of team working agreements

March 13, 2013


Allow Storming Teams To Generate Team Culture

The Agile Week Crew discuss team culture, alpha developers and safety in retrospectives.

February 20, 2013


Effective Product Owners, Backlog Grooming And Continuous Delivery

The Agile Weekly Crew discuss product owner availability, delivering value, continuous delivery vs deployment and backlog grooming.

February 13, 2013


One Day Sprints, Promiscuous Pairing and the Checkout Protocol

The Agile Weekly Crew discuss one day sprints, the checkout protocol and promiscuous pairing.

November 28, 2012