White Elephant Estimating vs Planning Poker

Episode 31

October 26, 2011




The Agile Weekly Crew discuss white elephant estimating, a new way to generate estimates for stories.

Episode Notes

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Clayton Lengel-Zigich, Roy van de Water, Derek Neighors and Drew LeSueur talk about White Elephant estimating, a new way to generate estimates for stories to instead of the same-old planning poker.

Compare stats against planning poker

80 stories

5 minutes to discuss process/application

25 minutes to do estimation

10 minutes to get velocity

Team is moving around and more enganged

Everyone had to be active

Nobody can set the tone

Disagreements were resolved quickly

Made easier by having a trusting team

Link to blog post: http://blog.mikepearce.net/2011/05/02/how-do-i-estimate-how-long-an-agile-project-will-take-before-we-start/

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