Lean Startup Principles and Agile with David Bland

Episode 55

April 11, 2012




The Agile Weekly Crew and David Bland discuss lean startup principles in Agile.

Episode Notes

Derek Neighbors, Roy van de Water, Clayton Lengel-Zigich, David Bland discuss Lean Startup principles in Agile:

Lots of companies dealing with unknowns

Product teams

Release early, release often

Validate, Experiment, Iterate

Culture preventing engagement?

Executives communicate with teams

How to get the “C” level to change

Eric Ries “Lean Startup” / Steve Blank

Is it a panacea?

Radical culture problems abound

Confusion about what lean startup means

Risk adverse culture problems when you have golden egg to protect?

Alignment across enterprise

Cross functional teams

How do you maintain it?

Give freedom, be creative

Innovation team (I’m a special snowflake)

Executive support mandatory

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